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Silk cocoon and silk waste button, featuring in The Button Project exhibition, as part of  Macclesfield Silk Museums and the Barnaby Festival.


Being There, a two part show exploring traces of presence will feature Elaine's work, alongside other artists practising in film, installation, drawing and sculpture. 

Curated by Jillian Knipe, the show will be devised into two parts, the first focussing on works underpinned by a sense of 'almost but not exactly', fragility and the illusive. The second part is a trace of the first, exhibiting partially dismantled pieces of art, as well as new pieces based on sound and projection.

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A-Side B-Side Gallery

Hackney Downs Studios, London

7th-15th June 2013, private view Thursday 6th June.





Elaine to feature alongside other UK and International artists in upcoming exhibition as part of the Barnaby Festival Art Trail.

'The Button Project' exhibition

14th June- 8th August 2013


Launched as part of the Barnaby Festival Art Trail (14-30 June 2013), the buttons will make up a stunning display of over 100 highly collectable and contemporary buttons. The exhibition will be presented by Macclesfield Silk Museums alongside its internationally important silk collection, which also includes a fine display of the original Macclesfield Silk Buttons.

The four sites that make up Macclesfield Silk Museums - the Heritage Centre, the Silk Museum, Paradise Mill and West Park Museum - are an acknowledged treasure, showcasing all aspects of silk use and production.

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The beautiful 'Trails' artist collaboration between Elaine and poet Steve Thorp is nearing its completion! Both artists are very excited to unveil and share with you all what they have been dedicating their time to...

Trails will be a collection of limited edition artwork books, featuring images of Elaine's work, and complimented beautifully by Steve's words, which were inspired by the delicate nature and ghostly tells told by her pieces.

Currently in production, Trails will be available to purchase through many outlets in 2013, so please check back soon for the latest update.